Ant-treatment pest control Nashville, TN
Ant Exterminator Nashville, TN

Ant Exterminator Nashville, TN

PureGuard Pest Solutions provides the elimination of Ants and all insects in the Nashville area

Ant-control Nashville, Tennessee

Complete Elimination Of Ants

Got ants? They love crumbs, sugar, or any type of food left behind. You'll often see them on your countertops and floors. They are a nuisance and can actually cause damage within your walls if they colonize. Here at PureGuard, we are experts in extermination of all kinds of ants, particularly those common to Tennessee, such as carpenter ants, fire ants, little black ants, and odorous house ants.

Cause Of Ant Infestation

Above all, poor sanitation is the main cause of ant infestation. When you leave dirty dishes in the sink, crumbs on the table, sweets on the counter or trash sitting out, this is an invitation for ants. These insects are in search of a viable food source and all of the above certainly fit the bill. While your problem may begin with just a few foragers, ants can become a much bigger problem when establishing colonies in walls, lawns, or under your home's foundation. Let our experienced team identify the ant species you have and develop a plan of attack to get rid of them.

Promt Ant Service

Your ant problem must be taken care of quickly or else they can take over your home or business, leading to health and safety issues. That's because they carry bacteria on their bodies, which spreads easily when crawling through your pantry or on your counter tops. Some species, such as carpenter and fire ants, cause problems with the worst consequences. Carpenter ants chew tunnels through wood beams to result in structural damage. Fire ants sting and cause allergic reactions.

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Most Common Types of Ants in Nashville

For such tiny creatures, ants sure do cause a lot of problems. There are many types of ants in Tennessee, and Nashville in particular. Here are the most common that we deal with:

Carpenter Ants

These are black ants that are on the larger side. They’re wingless, destructive ants that can easily destroy wood when making their nests in this material. They prefer water-damaged wood, so you’ll often find them in dead or rotting wood outside or hidden away in your building. Usually by the time carpenter ants are discovered, they have already done thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. A commercial exterminator can eradicate all the satellite colonies, as well as the main colony.

Fire Ants

These are smaller in size and are red, black, or brown in color with a copper head. They are aggressive ants and will sting if they feel threatened. They often get into your home on potted plants. You’ll need a year round pest prevention program to ensure their proper removal. DIY methods are often unsuccessful and dangerous because they will sting if attacked.

Little Black Ants

These are tiny in size and not considered dangerous, but they are a nuisance. They mainly pose a threat to food storage and sanitation. You may only see a few ants foraging at any one time, but rest assured there is a whole colony behind the scenes. A commercial pest control service is your best bet at getting rid of all of them at once.

Odorous House Ants

These are also small and not dangerous either. Problem is, they smell like rotten coconut when squished (hence the name). They get into your house looking for food and water but you’ll need the help of an expert to get rid of them once and for all.

How to Keep Ants Away

Prevention is your best bet when trying to keep ants away from your home. Here’s how you can minimize their presence:

  • Dispose of food waste quickly and appropriately
  • Clean up spills immediately
  • Store food in airtight containers
  • Wash dirty dishes right away and don’t let them soak overnight
  • Seal gaps around windows and doors
  • Store firewood away from the home, preferably in a shed and raised off the ground
  • Remove dead tree limbs that overhang your home

Because ants love food, water, and wood, be mindful of these in and around your home.

Signs You Have Ants in Your House

From piles of soil to hollow sounds in wood, here are the top signs that you have ants in your house.

Do You...

See a Line of Ants?

If the ants you see seem to have formed a trail, keep close watch on where they go. They often leave pheromone trails so that other ants in the colony can follow them to find food.

Spot Sawdust Trails?

Carpenter ants will leave small trails of sawdust near wooden beams, wood flooring, and window ledges. If you see sawdust, they are likely burrowing into the wood.

Hear Hollow Sounds in Wooden Beams?

Listen for a hollow sound when knocking on wooden beams or floorboards. This is because some ants will destroy wooden structures from the inside out, so instead of a dense, solid noise you will hear a hollow sound.

See Crumbling Wooden Structures?

If wood crumbles to the touch, this means ants are burrowing inside and have destroyed the area.

See Piles of Soil or Dirt?

These are ant nests. You will see these in your yard, on your grass and in your garden.

Notice Discarded Wings?

Some ants will sprout and then discard their wings in their lifespan. You may see these on floors and window sills.

Hear Rustling Noises in Walls?

This rustling sound could be caused by ants moving around in your walls. They will travel within the walls and will mostly stay contained, but occasionally, you will see rips in wallpaper where they are gaining entry.

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