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Identifying Spiders in Nashville, TN

Learn to Identify Native Spiders in Your TN Home or Business

All spider species come with different characteristics. You may lump all spiders into one category; however, there are many native to the Nashville area that have defining physical markings. From black widows to the brown recluse, here’s how to tell which kind of spider may be invading your home.


Black Widow

Notorious for the females' tendency to eat their mates, the black widow spider is one of the most venomous in all of North America. That said, their bites are not usually fatal to humans – just other prey. They live in barns, garages, basements, trash cans, hollow stumps, and dense vegetation. The female is more distinctive than the male, with red hourglass-shaped markings underneath the abdomen and a shiny black body overall. The males are lighter in color, are smaller in size, and may feature pink or red spots.

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Brown Recluse

Only found in the south and central United States, the brown recluse has a poisonous bite and light brown appearance with violin markings which can become more pronounced with age. This spider has a bulbous abdomen, and features only six eyes instead of the usual eight. Only about three-eighths of an inch long, the brown recluse is covered in fine hairs to result in a velvety appearance. While the male is smaller than the female, it has longer legs.

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Wolf Spider

The wolf spider is quite aggressive, more so than other spiders who may be more patient and catch prey in webs. Wolf spiders, by contrast, aggressively hunt down their prey with their sharp eyesight and strong bodies. Often mistaken for tarantulas, they can be brown, gray, black or tan in color, often accompanied by dark markings. They have exceptional night vision and tend to do their hunting and feeding at night. The wolf spider’s speedy movements and acute sensitivity to vibrations make it a great hunter.

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Jumping Spider

As you might have guessed, the jumping spider is known for its ability to jump, specifically as it relates to catching prey. There are 4,000 known species of jumping spiders the world over, and 300 of them are in this country. They are usually black in color, but can sometimes be brown, tan, or gray, characterized by pale markings. Commonly, they are mistaken for black widows because they are also black with compact bodies and short legs. They enter homes through wall cracks or gaps in screened windows and doors.

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With so many different species of spiders in the Nashville area, it can be tricky to identify just which one you have. That’s where our pest control experts come in. Let us take a look, see what you have, and recommend an eco-friendly pest control solution.

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Our professional, friendly and accommodating technicians serve all of Nashville and surrounding areas with effective pest control solutions that ensure your infestation is kept at bay. Spider Exterminator
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