Snake removal pest control Nashville, TN
Snake Prevention

Snake Prevention Nashville, TN

PureGuard Pest Solutions provides the prevention of Snake in the Nashville area

Snake control Nashville, Tennessee

Complete Prevention Of Snakes

Snakes are slithery creatures that like to hide, which makes their presence so hard to detect. Because snakes shed their skin several times a year, one of the first signs you may spot is the shed skin they have left behind. If your yard is made up mostly of dirt, you may see twisty trails as they slither on their way.

Tennessee has 34 species of snakes, only four of which are venomous: copperhead, timber rattlesnake, western cottonmouth and pygmy rattlesnake. Non-venomous snakes include the common watersnake, diamond-backed watersnake, eastern gatorsnake, and gray ratsnake.

Be on the Lookout for Snakes

Snakes tend to hide in heavy vegetation and holes, as well as under porches, decks and piles of rocks. Be on the lookout around your property, and approach all snakes with caution. You can do your part to keep snakes at bay by trimming vegetation such as tall grass, putting up fences around ponds on your property, and filling in holes where they can hide.

Call PureGuard for Snake Prevention Service

Call PureGuard immediately if you wish to prevent an infestation of snakes on your property at 615-502-2855. You can't assume a snake is or isn't venomous. Always call a professional, as bites can be deadly.

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