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Commercial Pest Control Nashville TN

Pest extermination and prevention on business properties in Nashville, Tennessee area

A pest infestation can have a detrimental effect on any business. Pests can cause serious property damage, present a health hazard to customers and employees, and result in serious financial losses and unfavorable reviews. Pure Guard Pest Solutions partners with many businesses in Nashville to create and maintain a pest-free environment. Professional pest control service for commercial properties in the Nashville, TN area

commercial pest control nashville, tn

Should an infestation occur, Pure Guard specialists will arrive swiftly and act decisively.
We are well trained and experienced in a variety of pest control methods.

  • Our experts will conduct a thorough evaluation of the property and choose the most effective products and approach.
  • Every property is different and so is every infestation.
  • We create a customized solution for every individual situation.

You can count on PureGuard to put a quick end to your pest problems.

PureGuard Pest Prevention for Businesses

The easiest infestation to deal with is the one that never happens. Our customized comprehensive pest prevention plans are developed with that motto in mind. We evaluate your business property for potential pest hazards and suggest a set of effective preventive measures. With the prevention plan, Pure Guard provides a continuous set of pest prevention treatments and a constant watch on your property. Keep your business pest-free with the PureGuard prevention plan.

5 Signs of a Commercial Pest Infestation

As a business owner, you likely understand the risks of a pest infestation. But could you have pests on the premises and not realize it? Here are some top signs of a commercial pest infestation.

1. Droppings

The classic sign of pest infestation, droppings are a sure bet you have rodents or other critters on the premises. Check your office, restaurant, motel or other business often for fecal droppings or urine trails. It’s relatively easy to spot rat or mice waste, but when it comes from smaller pests like bed bugs, it’s not as easy to see. Tell your housekeeping and cleaning staff to regularly check all bedding, furniture, floors, and walls for droppings.

2. Nests

Rodents make nests out of a variety of materials, from clothing to boxes to shredded paper. You may find these nests in attics, underneath flooring or between walls. Be on the lookout for signs of nesting every day.

3. Grease marks and tracks

Grease marks and tracks are another sign of rodent infestation. That’s because mice and rats travel along the same paths, leaving behind a greasy trail. Look for these along walls, which is how rats in particular like to travel.

4. Physical damage

Damage such as holes and gnaw marks also indicate a pest infestation. Look for these on furniture or wiring, as well as small holes in floors or walls. Damaged wood indicates a termite infestation, so check wooden furniture and decks often for these signs.

5. Damaged plants

Watch for insect trails, and let us know if you observe gnawing marks on grass blades or garden plants. You may also notice damaged patches of lawn, uneven grass lengths or large areas of brown, dead patches. Pest infestation in a garden is usually caused by moles, voles, beetles, grubs, crickets, and flies.

If you notice any of the above signs of infestation, call us immediately. Our PureGuard exterminators are highly trained in all types of pest invasions in Nashville.

FAQs About Commercial Pest Infestation for Nashville area

We hear a lot of questions over the years about commercial pest infestation, so we thought we would share those common queries with you here.

Q What is the best way to get rid of bed bugs in my hotel?

A: It’s best to call a commercial exterminator in this case to provide thermal remediation (heat), which will quickly kill bed bugs at all developmental stages.

Q: How can I keep cockroaches out of my restaurant?

A: Sanitation control is your best bet. This involves cleaning up food debris and wiping up spills frequently throughout the day. Don’t forget to clean under and behind equipment and appliances, and always inspect new products before bringing them into your facility. That said, once you have cockroaches on the premises, they’re very difficult to get rid of on your own. Call a commercial exterminator right away to ensure your problem is taken care of for good.

Q: How can I prevent birds from nesting on our roof?

A: There are many ways to keep them from nesting in rafters, including noise and visual deterrents as well as physical deterrents such as spikes, netting or electrical strips. Your commercial exterminator in Nashville will know the best method that will work for your business.

Q: How do bugs keep getting into my facility?

Insects get into buildings in many ways, such as flying or crawling in open doors and windows, or getting in though air vents on your roof. Bugs and small critters can squeeze through cracks in your exterior walls, and others hitch a ride on inbound products and plants.

Q: Does mulch attract termites?

A: Yes. Termites love cellulose and moisture, which is what mulch is made up of. This makes it a hub for termite activity, no matter what type of mulch you have outside.

Q: Do pests get in through drains?

A: Yes, many pests get into your facility via the drains depending on what kind of plumbing system you may have. Drain traps and good sanitation practices can help.

If you didn’t see your question here or get the answer you need, give us a call anytime! We are happy to answer your questions or address your concerns. Here at PureGuard Pest Solutions, we are always quick and always discreet. We understand the effect pests can have on a business and do all we can to make sure your problem is taken care of efficiently.

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We work with the hospitality/restaurant industry in the Nashville area. Office buildings, retail, warehouses and facilities

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Pure Guard professional exterminators are trained, knowledgeable and experienced in a wide variety of pest control methods and products. All exterminators are certified and all services are insured and bonded.
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