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5 Signs You Have Termites
5 signs you have termites nashville tn
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15 March 2021

Think You May Have Termites?

Homeowners spend $5 billion every year on termite control and damage repair, according to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). In fact, statistically speaking, your home is much more likely to be damaged by termites than by fire.
As a homeowner, you should know the signs of termite infestation so you can call your trusted pest control company in Nashville TN right away. Catching infestation early is key to avoid more costly damage. But in addition to the expense, termites also create structural damage in a home, which poses an added safety and property damage threat.
Here are the top signs termites have invaded your Nashville home:

1. Chewing Noises or Head Banging

You may hear quiet clicking sounds coming from inside your walls. This is the sound of soldier termites banging their heads against the wood or shaking their bodies to signal danger when a threat is perceived to their colony. Being sensitive creatures, termites can detect noises and vibrations easily. The worker termites can be noisy eaters. So, if you put your ear up against the wall and listen closely, you can hear them snacking.

2. Discarded Wings or Flying Termites

Flying termites can either be males, or females leaving the nest to scout out a mate. Many species of termites like the nighttime and seek out light sources after the sun sets, while others swarm during the day. Drywood termites in particular like to swarm after a good rain. In any case, if you see discarded or broken wings, particularly on windowsills, this means the termite swarm is aging and they no longer need those wings. This is one of the most common and telltale signs of a termite invasion.

3. Mud Tubes

Mud tubes protect termites, and you’ll usually see these around your foundation. These tubes are built by subterranean termite species out of soil and termite droppings. This gives them some much-needed moisture. It goes without saying, then, that termites like moisture, so you should discourage a moisture-rich environment around your foundation and property. Don’t store firewood, mulch or wood chips near your home, for example.

4. Hollow-Sounding Timber

Termites typically eat wood from the inside out. What they leave behind is a thin layer of timber or even just paint. When you tap on the suspected area, you will hear a hollow or papery sound. You may also notice cracks on interior walls or ceilings, another sure sign of termite activity. Termites are not discriminating creatures – they will eat through wooden structures close to the ground, or go further up to the ceilings, beams, and attic rafters.

They can even get at your flooring, so if your flooring is starting to feel spongy when you step on it, this could be another sign.

5. Tight-Fitting Doors and Windows

You may have trouble opening and properly closing your windows and doors. You may attribute this to age or humidity, but these warped areas can also signal the presence of termites. When eating and tunneling, they tend to produce moisture, which warps window and door frames, making them difficult to open and close.

If you have noticed any of these above signs, it’s imperative to call a pest control specialist right away to assess the damage before it gets worse.

Contact PureGuard Pest Solutions For Termite Infestation

If you suspect termites have invaded your Nashville TN home, PureGuard Pest Solutions at 615-502-2855. Our trained and certified termite exterminators can visit your property for an inspection and free quote.

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