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What to do if Your Pet Has Fleas
What to do if Your Pet Has Fleas - Nashville TN
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30 April 2021

How to Remove Fleas From Your Pet?

First off, you have to hire a professional exterminator in Nashville TN. This is the only proven way to get fleas out of your home and thus off your pet. There are many flea control products such as shampoos you can use to rid the fleas from your dog’s coat, for example, but if you don’t attack the problem at its source, the fleas will just keep coming back.

If you have a pet with fleas, you have to take a two-pronged approach:

  • Localized: Treat your pet’s coat to remove fleas.
  • Whole-home: Enlist the help of a pest control professional to rid the entire home of fleas.

Localized Treatment: Removing Fleas From Your Pet

First, get a medicated flea shampoo from the vet that will help cleanse your pet’s fur and kill the fleas at the same time. If your pet is allergic to fleas (called flea allergy dermatitis), the skin is very sensitive, and sometime the chemicals in those flea products can worsen the irritation. Ask your vet for the best product to use.

Bathe your pet, then brush them with a fine-toothed flea comb which traps fleas and their poop (it looks like pepper flakes). Be extra careful around their neck and tail, which is where you’ll find the highest concentrations of fleas; it’s where they like to feed the most.

Next, you’ll have to kill the fleas, which are the size of poppy seeds. If a flea appears on the comb, dunk it into hot, soapy water to kill it. Don’t crush it, as fleas are quick jumpers and can be tough to kill by hand.

Regularly check your pet for fleas and treat as needed.

Whole-Home Treatment: Calling a Pest Control Expert

Ask plenty of questions as you call around or meet with potential pest control providers.

Q: How many years have you been in business at that location?

You should ideally treat the home at the same time you treat your pet. Call a flea exterminator right away to control flea populations in your home and out in the yard. In the meantime, you can prepare by:

  • Cleaning the floors: Vacuum, sweep and mop the floors. They especially like to hide in carpeting and in tile cracks. Steam clean your carpets.
  • Cleaning the furniture. Fleas will congregate in your sofas, chairs, beds and other furniture, so give them a deep clean.
  • Cleaning up the yard. Fleas likely got into your home by hitching a ride from the yard on your pet’s fur. They tend to hide in tall grasses before leaping onto dogs or humans. Keep the grass and all vegetation trimmed and keep the yard clean.
  • Washing clothing and bedding, as well as your pet’s bed and toys.

Your Nashville TN flea exterminator can provide a free consultation on your flea infestation, letting you know exactly which products they will use to rid your yard and home of fleas.

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If your pet has a case of the fleas and you suspect your whole home or yard is infested, contact us at 615-502-2855 and get free quote. Our trained and certified flea control experts will visit your home for an inspection and free quote. We use eco- and family-friendly treatments to maximize results while keeping your kids and pets safe.

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