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Why a Termite Inspection is Important When Buying a House
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November 5, 2021

Termite Inspection Should Be Part Of Each Home Inspection

Buying a house? Congratulations! Don’t forget to protect yourself and your new house with a termite inspection as part of the home buying process.

Did you know termites can cause more than $5 billion in property damage every year? These “silent destroyers” chew through wood, flooring, and wallpaper – often times without you knowing it. In fact, by the time you see evidence of their presence, the damage has already been done, to the tune of thousands of dollars for the average homeowner.

Depending on their species, termite colonies can comprise a few thousand individuals to several million, all acting in tandem to chew through your structural supports one bite at a time. The most vulnerable areas in a home include slab foundations, attics, anywhere wood touches dirt, and crawl spaces.

Get an Inspection Done NOW, Before You Close

Before signing on the dotted line, make sure you have a termite inspection done on the property. You can ask your real estate agent or lender for suggestions of local pest control companies in Nashville.

The repairs resulting from termite damage can cost thousands of dollars, and often those repairs cost more than the original home. This is why it’s crucial to get a termite inspection before the closing happens. Many states require wood boring insect inspections, but many states do not. Some are required only under certain circumstances, such as part of FHA or VA loans. Always ask beforehand! You may have to get one done on your own dime but it’s worth it in the end.

A termite inspection differs from a standard home inspection. In a termite inspection, the termite inspector will look at the condition of the home’s physical structure from the foundation to the roof. They last about an hour. The termite specialist will inspect all areas of the home for signs of termite damage, such as buckling wood, swollen ceilings and floors, slight water damage, and visible mazes within furniture or walls. They may also detect an odor similar to mold or mildew, another possible sign of termite infestation. They will then issue a report to the homeowner with their findings and any suggested treatments.

Termite Infestation Treatment

The termite inspector will give you a cost estimate for termite treatment. You will then have to hire a Nashville pest control company to perform the actual treatment. This may involve fumigating or spraying insecticide in an effort to destroy the colony. Once the termites are gone, repairs can begin. You will have to hire a contractor to fix the affected areas.

Keep Termites Away in the First Place

The best solution is to prevent them in the first place by:

  • Directing water away from the home.
  • Keeping mulch and wood piles away from the foundation.
  • Searching for signs of termites and the resulting damage, such as warping, discarded droppings and swarmer wings.
  • Looking for patterns in floors, ceilings and walls.

Contact Your Termite Specialist

Here at PureGuard, we use the Trelona ATBS Termite Baiting System to rid your home of these destructive wood boring pests. To learn more, contact us today at 615-502-2855

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