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How Termites Impact Your Nashville Business
How Termites Impact Your Nashville Business
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Jan 24, 2024

Termites in Commercial Properties

Spring (April and May) is peak season for termites in Nashville and the Clarksville, TN area. While the risk of disease is minimal with termite infestations, these destructive wood-eating pests can have a negative impact on your business.

Termites cause an economic loss of $40 billion globally per year. Don’t fall victim to those high costs and detriment to your bottom line. If you suspect you have termites in your commercial property, keep reading. And always keep a termite exterminator in Nashville on speed dial.

Termite Infestations in Commercial Properties: The Reasons

There are many reasons why you may have termites on your property, from water leakage to lack of cleanliness. Let’s take a look at all the possible reasons so that you can increase your awareness.

  1. Poor airflow or ventilation
  2. Water leakage
  3. Damaged roof tiles
  4. Lack of inspection
  5. Lack of cleanliness
  6. Local climate
  7. Improper drainage system
  8. Unmaintained landscape or garden
  9. Gaps in the foundation
  10. Damp furniture or wooden structures

How to Detect Termites in Commercial Properties

Now that you know what attracts termites to your commercial property, here are the most common signs of infestation:

  1. Live termites
  2. Termite wings
  3. Mud tubes
  4. Termite swarmers
  5. Hollow wooden structures and pieces of furniture
  6. Stuck doors or windows
  7. Foul smell at corners
  8. Termite eggs
  9. Pin holes or cracking of wallpaper or paint
  10. Termite droppings

Types of Damage Caused by Termites

There are many potential dangers that can be posed by termites for a commercial business:

  1. Structural and Property Damage: Termites can hollow out your business by eating the shelves, cabinets, files, furniture, important files, and anything else that’s organic.
  2. Damages Business Image: A commercial property with termites can result in a bad reputation, which detracts from business.
  3. Dissatisfied Employees: No employee wants to work in a termite-infested workplace. Dissatisfied employees result in a drop of productivity.
  4. Inspection Failure: If you work in the food and beverage industry, or really any other industry, you will fail your health inspection if termites are detected.
  5. Wastes Time: If you’re spending a lot of time detecting or fixing termite damage, you’re wasting time that could be put to far better use within the business.
  6. Wastes Money: Monetary loss is a big risk with termite infestations, resulting in unexpected and expensive repairs.

FAQs About Termites

Q: What are termites, and how can they impact businesses?
A: Termites are insects that eat wood, making a building weak, unsafe, and in need of expensive repairs.
Q: How do I know my business has termites?
A: You might spot mud tubes on walls, find wings the termites have shed, hear hollow sounds when you tap on wood, or see small piles of excrement around wooden areas.
Q: Why is pest control important for businesses?
A: Pest control helps you protect your property and create a safe environment. Regular termite control stops expensive structural damage and keeps your business running smoothly.
Q: Why should I hire a professional?
Professionals have a lot of experience with ridding properties of termites effectively, bringing all the right tools and skills to address the problem properly.

Termite Inspections and Complete Eradication in Nashville TN

Our Nashville commercial pest control technicians know a thing or two about termites and how to get rid of them from commercial buildings using the Trelona Termite Colony Elimination System. Don’t delay—call us today! Just contact us at 615-502-2855 to get a quote and book your consultation. Nashville and Clarksville, TN areas

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