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Potential Costs of Rat and Mice Infestation
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30 March 2021

Rodent infestation can be expensive

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The costs of fixing the damage incurred by rodents in your home go far beyond the monetary ones. Not only do rodents create the possibility for high repair and replacement bills, their infestation can lead to fire hazards, wire damage and odors that are next to impossible to remove on your own.
Homeowners who suspect they have rats or mice in the house should call their trusted pest control company in Nashville TN at the first sign of trouble, as catching the infestation early on is the best way to control further damage.
In addition to causing $20 billion in damages to homes, businesses and farming operations every year, rodents cause significant damage to property, crops, and food supplies, while also spreading diseases which pose a serious public health risk, says the EPA. Here’s a look at the costs associated with rat and mice infestation.

Health Hazards

The threat of disease is a big reason to be quick in calling an exterminator. When humans and pets come into contact with these pests, their urine or their droppings, they are subjected to a variety of health hazards that include Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome, Lassa Fever, Rat-Bite Fever, Salmonellosis and more, according to the CDC.

Property Damage

Rats and mice can cause untold amounts of damage in a home’s walls, attics and crawlspaces within a very short span of time. Not only do they damage home and business structures, they damage HVAC equipment and wiring that can lead to failure of those systems and even start a fire. And if you have a rodent infestation in your home, chances are, they’ll find your car too, nesting in the engine area to keep warm. They may also set up shop in your lawn mowers in the off season.

Once rodents gain access to your home, they will burrow in the insulation and fluff it apart to make a cozy space for their babies. All the while, they’re leaving their urine and droppings in there. As each piece of insulation is destroyed, cold pockets result, which reduces your insulation’s effectiveness.

Fire Hazards

Because mice and rat teeth are constantly growing, they have a need to chew and gnaw on anything they come into contact with – sort of like a teething baby. It makes no difference to them if they chew on an electrical wire, clothing or a box. It’s estimated that rodents may be responsible for causing up to 20 percent of undetermined fires in this country each year as a result of chewing on wires.

At the very least, once the rodents chew through the protective coating on a wire, it can lead to a short in your appliances or mess with your whole electrical system. That’s not cheap to fix! In addition to wires, they’ll make their way through plastic pipes, aluminum, wallboards, and even soft concrete.


The urine and droppings left behind by rodents smells bad enough – but add in the stench of a dead rodent and you will experience a smell like no other. Avoid using DIY snap traps because this requires you to handle and dispose of the dead rat or mouse, which can expose you to disease. Also refrain from putting out rat poison, as many times, the rats will ingest the poison, then seek out a warm place to rest and then die. They don’t usually make it out of the house but instead die within the walls, leaving a foul odor.

Once you locate the general source, you may have to hire a carpenter to remove a section of the wall to remove the body – another added cost.

It’s far better to hire a professional exterminator in Nashville TN to avoid these added costs. Remember: early action is key!

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If you suspect rodent infestation in your Nashville TN home, PureGuard Pest Solutions at 615-502-2855. Our trained and certified rat and mice exterminators can visit your property for an inspection and free quote.

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