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How to Winterize Your Home Against Bugs and Pests in Nashville
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7 Oct 2021

Winterizing Your Home Against Pest

From blocking holes where bugs can enter to keeping your gutters clean, there are many things you can do to prevent bugs and other pests from getting into your Nashville home. It happens every year. Nashville braces for a bug invasion as the temperatures cool down and the warmth of homes lures pests inside.

7 Tips On How To Winterize Your Home Against Pest

Top Nashville pests that may be on their way to invading your home include ants, wasps, spiders, stink bugs and box elder bugs. Here are some tips on how you can winterize your home against these pests and more.

1. Keep debris out of your gutters so rainwater can flow freely and clogs don’t occur. Spiders and box elders in particular like to hide out in this moist debris.
2. Rake leaves away from your foundation, as rotting leaves invite bugs to stay the winter up against your exterior walls.
3. Trim bushes, remove vines, and cut tree branches back that may overhang your home. Insects and rodents use branches to get into your home, especially the attic.
4. Fix all leaks, as pests love moisture and standing water.
5. Seal all holes and possible entry points to your home.
6. Keep food sources secure and clean up any spills right away. Don't leave out fruit, don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink and always remove remaining pet food from the dish after mealtime.
7. Keep trash covered and sealed.

You don’t want to unwittingly invite pests into your home, as they can cause all sorts of trouble for you and your family. Some spider species can bite and leave welts, wasps can sting and spur anaphylactic shock, roaches can spread disease, and termites can significantly damage your structural supports.

Exclusion Service Against Rodents in Nashville, TN

Rodents, too, seek out the warmth of your home as the cold weather approaches. They’re on the hunt for small, enclosed spaces, which usually means they’ll set up shop in your attic, perhaps in the insulation or your clothing, or even in the walls of your house. The best way to keep mice and rats from getting in is to prevent their entry in the first place.

Here at PureGuard, we offer an exclusion service against rodents in Nashville. Exclusion is the process of identifying common pest entry locations and taking preemptive measures to keep them out. We offer this with rodents, but also for other pests such as squirrels, bats, birds and raccoons. It’s important to ensure these unwelcome guests don’t make your home their home this winter.

You can only set out so many mouse traps. That will only catch a few of them, where there could be dozens behind the scenes. Rodent exclusion by a trusted pest control company in Nashville TN is the only effective way to make sure they stay out of your house.

Here’s what exclusion entails:

  • Eliminating possible entry points. Did you know that rats can get into your property through a hole the size of a quarter, and as small as a dime for mice? We will examine the exterior of your property to address any and all entry points, checking around utility pipes as well as windows and doors.
  • Eliminating food and water sources that can encourage a rodent infestation. All food in your cabinets should be placed in plastic containers with secure lids. Do not leave food on the countertops and always wipe up any spills or crumbs as they happen. Be on the lookout for mouse poop in your cabinets, as that means they’re finding food in there.
  • Removing all possible nesting areas. While you can’t do much about rodents that decide to nest in your walls, you can keep them from getting into your storage boxes. Reduce all areas of clutter and store all items that are not in current use in heavy-duty plastic containers.

Contact PureGuard Pest Solutions For Termite Infestation

For more tips on keeping bugs out of your house this winter or to sign up for our rodent exclusion service, contact us today at 615-502-2855 for superior pest control in Nashville.

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