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How to Protect Yourself Against Tick Bites
How to Protect Yourself Against Tick Bites Nashville, TN
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June 19, 2024

Tick Prevention and Control in Nashville

There are three common types of ticks found in the Nashville area: the American dog tick, the Lone Star tick, and the brown dog tick. Ticks -- external parasites of mammals, birds and reptiles -- feed only on the blood of their hosts. They all carry and transmit diseases, such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme disease.

Preventing tick bites is the best way to protect yourself, your family and your pets from illness. Thus, it’s important to understand the importance of tick bite prevention in an effort to safeguard your health.

Identify High-Risk Areas

Ticks prefer to hide out in wooded and grassy areas, especially in places where deer and other wildlife are as well. High-risk areas include camping sites, hiking trails, and wooded areas with leaf litter and tall grass. Know where these high-risk areas are and be extra diligent in taking precautions when near them.

How to Prevent Tick Bites

Now that you know where ticks thrive, here are some ways you can prevent tick bites in the first place and reduce the risk of tick-borne diseases:

  • Wear long socks, sleeves, and long pants when outdoors in tick-prone areas.
  • Spray insect repellent on clothing and exposed skin. If concerned about chemicals, look for natural insect repellent derived from plant-based ingredients.
  • Examine gear, clothing, and pets for ticks. Sometimes you pick up ticks when outside; other times, they hitch a ride into your home on clothing or your pets and attach themselves later. Always check your sweaters, backpacks, and dogs for ticks. If a tick is attached to your clothing, put it in the dryer on high heat for 10 minutes.
  • Shower when returning from outdoors. The CDC says that taking a shower within two hours after being outside will reduce the risk of contracting Lyme disease and is effective in lowering the risk of other tick-borne illnesses.
  • Perform tick checks after being outdoors. Pay special attention to areas like the ears, armpits, scalp, and back of the knees.
  • Treat your property. Your pest control technician in Nashville can treat your entire property for ticks with products that are safe for your pets and family.

Recognize the Symptoms of Tick-Borne Illnesses

Recognizing the symptoms of tick-borne illnesses is key, as early diagnosis and treatment are critical. Common symptoms of tick-borne diseases include:

  • Rash
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Muscle aches
  • Fatigue

Seek medical attention if you experience these symptoms after spending time outdoors, as prompt treatment prevents complications as well as long-term health problems.

What to Do After a Tick Bite

If all your prevention efforts failed and you are bitten by a tick, you must remove it as soon as possible to reduce disease transmission risk. Here’s how to remove a tick safely:

  • Grasp the tick as close to your skin as possible using fine-tipped tweezers.
  • Pull up with even, steady pressure; do not twist or jerk.
  • Clean the area with soap and water and apply an antiseptic.
  • Place the tick in a sealed bag or container.

Next, monitor yourself or your child for symptoms for 30 days. Consult a healthcare professional if you display any of the above symptoms. For extra peace of mind, you may want to send the tick for testing.

Tick Control Experts in Nashville, TN

If it seems like ticks are taking over your yard, contact us today at 615-502-2855 for a free inspection and quote by qualified tick pest control specialists in Nashville.

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