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What Are Exclusion Services?
What Are Exclusion Services? Nashville, TN
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Oct 16, 2023

Exclusion Services Designed To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Home

Pest exclusion is a preventative process that focuses on identifying interior and exterior vulnerabilities within a home and sealing them before pests, such as rodents, can infiltrate. Exclusion services are designed to prevent rodents from entering and traveling within a building, but it can also be used for the prevention of squirrels, bats, birds, raccoons, and bugs such as ants, mosquitoes, and cockroaches.

If you are concerned about specific pests getting inside your home or commercial property, talk to a trusted Nashville pest control technician today. Here at PureGuard, we offer a rodent exclusion service. We also do this for bats, birds, squirrels, and raccoons. Exclusion is when our technicians identify common pest entry locations and take preemptive measures to keep them out.

Exclusion: What’s Involved

In a nutshell, pest exclusion measures will reduce the chance that pests will enter your home in the future. This can involve many steps and can take hours or days, depending on the size of your home or business. It involves assessing both the interior and exterior of a property to prevent pest entry while restricting pest movement within the space.

Prevention is always less time-consuming and costly than pest removal, so putting this process in place before you have a problem is the best method of pest management.

Bugs aren’t the only ones that seek out the warmth of your home in winter. Rodents will try to get in, too, as they look for small, enclosed spaces. From insulation to boxes of old clothing to wall spaces, rodents will hide out anywhere they can go undetected. Preventing their entry in the first place is your best bet.

Setting out mouse traps is a time-consuming effort that rarely goes rewarded. Even if you manage to catch a few of them, there are likely dozens behind the scenes that you can’t trick as easily. Rodent exclusion is the only effective way to remove them from your home and keep them out.

Here’s a look at what our exclusion service entails. Our Nashville exterminators will:

  • Eliminate possible entry points: Mice can fit into holes as small as dimes, while rats can fit in holes the size of quarters. Our techs will inspect the exterior of your property to address entry points, then we will check around utility pipes, windows and doors.
  • Remove all possible nesting areas: Rodents that nest in your walls may be out of your control, but there are ways you can keep them from accessing your storage boxes. Reduce clutter and store all items not currently in use in heavy-duty plastic containers.
  • Eliminate food and water sources: All food in your pantry and cabinets should be secured in plastic containers with lids. Don’t leave food out on countertops, and mop up crumbs as soon as they appear. Inspect for mouse poop in your cabinets, as this is a sure sign they are looking for food.
  • What to Expect

    Our pest exclusion process begins with an assessment and thorough inspection of your home or business. We will look for cracks, crevices and any areas with poor insulation to determine possible entry points. We will also take a look at any small spaces that could be prone to pest harboring and nesting, such as pathways within attic corners or the walls.

    Next, we can determine areas where rodents can smell and access food, which is the top motivator for pests of all kinds to enter a building. Finally, we will eliminate gaps that allow pests entry into your home in the first place. We are big proponent of being proactive rather than reactive!

    Exclusion Services in Nashville TN

    To learn more about our exclusion services for rodents in Nashville, as well as bats, squirrels and other nuisance pests, contact us today at 615-502-2855. Our Nashville exterminators would be happy to book a consultation and inspection for you to discuss the process further.

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