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Facts About Wolf Spiders in Nashville
Facts About Wolf Spiders in Nashville, TN
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May 26, 2024

Wolf Spiders: The Hunters of the Spider World

So named because they are considered to be hunters like wolves, wolf spiders patiently wait for their prey to come near. They have excellent eyesight, and lure their prey in – not to catch it in a web – but rather to chase it down like a wolf. These spiders love the thrill of the hunt.

But unlike wolves, wolf spiders hunt alone and not in packs. They don’t spin webs but instead lie in wait under cover of the ground, rocks, logs, leaf litter or plants. There are about 2,300 species of wolf spiders in the world, making them one of the more common species globally. They are found throughout the United States -- Tennessee included. From grasslands and meadows to mountains and wetlands, they are a versatile creature that will thrive wherever they can find insects to consume.

Facts About Wolf Spiders in Nashville, TN

Wolf Spider Appearance

Usually brown, tan, black or gray with dark markings or stripes, wolf spiders use their coloring as camouflage so they can catch their prey undetected and hide from predators. They measure about a quarter of an inch to just over an inch long, excluding their legs. Sporting excellent night vision, they primarily hunt in the dark. Often mistaken for tarantulas, wolf spiders roam alone at night, usually crawling on the ground but sometimes climbing trees.

They can get into your home via the usual points of entry for pests, ending up in basements, breezeways, and crawlspaces.

Most wolf spiders are dark brown with a hairy body that is broad and long with stout long legs and a strong jaw. Known for their running speed, wolf spiders are distinct for the number and arrangement of their eyes. In the lowest row, they have four small eyes; in the middle row, they have two very large eyes; and in the top row, they have two small or medium-sized eyes.

Diet of the Wolf Spider

Wolf spiders prefer to eat ground-dwelling insects, such as other spiders or crickets. If they’re big enough, they’ll go after small amphibians and reptiles. They will jump on their prey, trapping it with their limbs before taking a bite and injecting venom. Wolf spiders evade their predators such as lizards and birds using their sharp eyesight, camouflage, high sensitivity to vibrations, and speedy movements.

Bite Can Be Painful

Wolf spiders generally aren’t poisonous to humans, but their bite can feel similar to a bee sting. They may bite you in self-defense, but it won’t result in much more than a red welt. Still, they are pests that shouldn’t be sharing your home!

Spider Control in Nashville, TN

We are the area’s premier spider removal experts. If you suspect your home is infested with wolf spiders, don’t hesitate to contact us today at 615-502-2855 for a free inspection and quote. Our pest control specialists in Nashville can rid your home of spiders quickly and safely. Learn more about our spider control services for clarksville and Nashville, TN.

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