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7 Signs You Have Bed Bugs
7 Signs You Have Bed Bugs
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10 Jan 2022

Tell-Tale Signs Of Bed Bugs

No one wants to learn they have bed bugs. These tiny blood-sucking pests are not only hard to find but they’re hard to get rid of too. From bites and odors to stains and sightings, there are a few telltale signs for you to be on the lookout for.

1. Odors

If you smell an unusual, musty odor and can’t find an apparent cause, this could be due to the presence of bed bug pheromones. These often smell like raspberries, coriander, almonds or cilantro. If you have a particularly nasty infestation, you may smell rust, wet towels, or moldy laundry.

2. Bites

If you are seeing small, red, itchy bumps on your body that mysteriously pop up at night, this could be a sign that you have bed bugs. You will most likely notice these on your arms, hands, and legs, often appearing in clusters. Bed bugs are nocturnal insects that like to feed on blood while we sleep.


3. Bloodstains

You may notice unexplained red or rust-colored bloodstains on your sheets, clothing or pillows. Once a bug becomes engorged with blood, it can morph into a bloated, round form – a departure from its original flat, seed-like appearance.

4. Fecal Marks

These are tiny, dark brown or black spots that are about the size of a pen tip. You’ll see them on sheets and clothing, and they look like dark smears that can resemble marker stains. These marks are smaller and darker than blood stains. Fecal marks come from the droppings of the bed bugs, and they are made up of digested human blood.

5. Eggs

These pinhead-sized white ovals can be found stuck to different surfaces in and around your bed. Female bed bugs can lay up to seven eggs a day, and they hatch within a week.

6. Shell Casings

You may notice yellowish-brown, translucent exoskeletons that have been shed by juvenile bed bugs. They can be seen in various sizes depending on the bed bug’s molting cycle. These bed bug shell casings are also referred to as husks or shed skins, and they are a high indicator you have bed bugs. They’re actually easier to spot than the bugs themselves. To find them, look along mattress seams, upholstered furniture, and in crevices, holes, and cracks in wooden furniture.

7. Live Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small, reddish-brown insects that are as small as flaxseeds. They like to hide in tight cracks and crevices, but can be confused with spider or carpet beetles. Because bed bugs rarely wander around in the open, it’s rare to actually see a live bed bug. They don’t usually become too visible until there’s a severe infestation. You may also notice them when preparing for a move or whenever their hiding place has been disturbed.

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