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Summer is Wasp Season in Nashville
Summer is Wasp Season in Nashville, TN
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May 24, 2023

Wasp and hornets are Very Active During Summer Months

We’ve waited a long time for summer to get here – but so have the wasps! They’ll be out in full force soon to invade your barbecues and pool parties, causing panic amongst guests and your own family. You just want to relax with a drink and watch the kids play. Why do the wasps have to ruin it all? If you’re seeing more and more wasps swarming around your Nashville home, or you spot a nest in a tree or under your eaves, hire wasp exterminator in Nashville TN for an immediate solution.

Here we will first explain the difference between wasps and hornets.


  • Hornets are large wasps.
  • Hornets mobilize the entire nest to sting when a threat has been detected.
  • The worker hornet is larger than the queen.
  • Hornets feed on bees and other insects.


  • Wasps, unlike bees, can sting over and over again and not die.
  • Wasps live on all continents except Antarctica.
  • Wasps die in the fall, except the new queens.
  • They chew strips of bark to make nests that resemble paper.

Both types of stinging insects are hostile when threatened, but they usually won’t go out of their way and attack you unprovoked. Did you know they also squirt venom in addition to stinging? This liquid sprays into their prey’s eyes and blinds them. Hornets gather in small openings in trees or the sides of homes, but they prefer tree branches and larger shrubs. Wasps build their hives well away from busy areas, where they can be more protected, such as hollow logs, attic eaves, bulkheads, and window sills. This gives them shelter from the elements and predators like birds.

Fun fact: hornet nests may have up to 700 hornets living inside at once!

Wasps and Hornets: Differences and Similarities

The biggest differentiators between wasps and hornets are their size and color. Hornets are larger than wasps and are black and white or brown-red in color. Wasps are smaller than hornets and have varying colorations.


While we don’t recommend getting too close or doing anything that will put you in harm’s way, check out these home remedies you can try.

  • Soap and water: Spray two tablespoons of dish soap and water to small hanging nests to clog their pores and kill them.
  • Peppermint oil: Spray this to repel wasps.
  • Patch cracks: Patch any cracks in your walls, doors, and windows, as well as the edges of siding and where power lines come into your house. Patch window screens that have holes.
  • It’s better to do this in late fall when worker wasps have died, or early spring before the nests are active.
  • Seal trash bins: Don’t leave out exposed garbage and recycling bins. Keep tight lids on these and empty them frequently.
  • If you think there’s a nest in your walls, don’t seal it up and assume that will do the trick. They won’t give up and die that easily – instead, they’ll get out through vents or chew through drywall.

    Wasp & Pest Solutions in Nashville, TN

    If you have noticed stinging insects like wasps and hornets on your Nashville property, get in touch with PureGuard Pest Solutions to stabilize the threat before they get out of control. You deserve to enjoy your summer without worrying about stings. Contact us today for a free Pest inspection and quote at 615-502-2855.

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