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How to Protect Your Garage Against Pests in Nashville
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April 14, 2023

Rodents and insects enjoy a cozy place in the garage

Spring and warmer temperatures are finally here in Nashville, TN, which is great for homeowners who want to get outside and do some yardwork or enjoy the weather, but not so much for the pests that will soon invade. Your garage is the perfect hiding spot for many pests, from rodents to insects. To keep these pests from seeking shelter and food in your garage, keep it clean so you eliminate their chance to eat, find water or set up shop in a nest.

The best way to protect your garage against pests is to have an inspection done first by a trusted exterminator in Nashville. Check out these tips to keep pests away from your garage this spring and all the way through summer.

Garage Pest Prevention Tips

Heed these tips to reclaim your garage and make sure pests don’t invade.

  • Declutter your garage to keep it tidy and clean. Cluttered areas encourage infestations because pests can hide in piles of trash or messy areas. Keep your items in storage bins that are tightly closed and sealed.
  • Reduce areas of moisture, as pests and bugs need water to survive. Standing water can serve as a breeding ground for pests, so fix leaky pipes, remove standing water, and mop up any areas of dampness. Run a dehumidifier as well.
  • Sweep up crumbs and wipe up spills immediately. Keep lids tight on your trash cans and tie up all trash bags.
  • Seal crevices around doors, windows, and the garage door with silicone caulk, rubber seals, or weatherstrips. If you can see light coming through a crack, that’s big enough for a pest to sneak through.

Most Common Springtime Pests

Here’s a look at the most common pests in spring.

  • Crickets – These bugs will seek out the cool and shade of your garage, plus they can jump up to even the tallest of storage containers.
  • Silverfish – Very adaptable, these insects can squeeze through tiny holes and underneath doors. They are attracted by litter and food, but aren’t very discerning – they’ll even chew through linen and books.
  • Sowbugs – These bugs are drawn to cool, damp environments, so remove sources of moisture.
  • Mice — Rodents will nest in boxes, clothing, insulation and wall gaps, quickly multiplying and infesting your garage in spring.
  • Spiders – Garages make the ideal home for spiders. They feed on other pests and can bite you if you surprise them.
  • Flies – They love pungent odors, so keep your garage as clean as possible and remove odors as you detect them. Don’t leave open containers of food or pet food out.

Nashville Pest Solutions

If you need help with protecting your garage and home from pests this spring, call our Nashville exterminators in Clarksville to Springfield to Nashville for a free inspection and free quote. at 615-502-2855 today.

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