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Traveling? What to Know About Bed Bugs
Traveling? What to Know About Bed Bugs Nashville, TN
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Feb 18, 2024

Nashville Travelers' Guide to Bed Bug Prevention: Tips and Expert Advice

Bed bugs are probably the last thing on your mind when you travel. But just a few minutes of your time may be all that is needed to ensure you don’t unintentionally share a room with these critters.

It’s not uncommon for travelers to come across bed bugs when staying away from home in hotels, motels, and rental homes. Don’t get your trip off on the wrong foot. Take a few minutes to inspect the bedding area to protect yourself against these nuisance pests. Bed bugs are notorious for being difficult to get rid of, so heed these tips and get advice from a Nashville bed bug exterminator.

How to Identify Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are reddish-brown in color, they do not have wings, and they’re only about as big as an apple seed. They don’t spread diseases, but their bites cause severe skin and allergic reactions.

  • Inflammation: Look for an inflamed red spot with a dark spot in the center.
  • Itchiness: If you are itchy in a certain spot, this could be the result of a bed bug bite.
  • Line or cluster arrangement: Bed bugs will bite in lines or in cluster formations, so check for these patterns.
  • Sore locations: Bed bugs will bite on the face, arms, hands, and neck.
  • Different reactions: Everyone may have a different reaction. One may experience severe itching, blisters, and hives, while others have no reaction at all.

Recognizing Bed Bug Infestations

Bed bug infestations are connected to frequent traveling, as travelers bring bed bugs with them on their clothes or belongings, spreading them as they move along their way.

  • Blood spots on furniture, blankets, or bed sheets.
  • Eggs: They look like yellow, tiny, pale eggs. Look for eggshells too, which is evidence the bed bugs have hatched.
  • Droppings: These are about the size of a tiny dot.
  • Skin: Bed bugs will shed their skin as they get bigger, closely resembling the bug itself.

Bed Bug Traveling Tips

  • Research accommodations: While bed bugs can be found anywhere, they aren’t found as much in well-maintained hotels that have strict cleaning policies.
  • Store luggage properly: Because bed bugs like to hide in dark places near beds and couches, don’t keep your luggage close to these sources.
  • Choose hard surfaces: When waiting to catch a flight at the airport, only sit on hard surfaces such as metal benches instead of upholstered furniture.
  • Store clothes in closets: Don’t put your clothes in dresser drawers, which are common bed bug nesting places. Keep them in the closet or in your luggage.
  • Avoid common spaces: Stay away from accommodations that host many different travelers on a daily basis, such as hostels.

Commercial & Residential Bug Bug Exterminators in Nashville

If you have encountered bed bugs while traveling or even in your own home, contact PureGuard Pest Control at 615-502-2855. Our trained and certified bed bug exterminators in Nashville, TN will give you a free inspection and quote.

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